How does it work? Shakeplus is nutrition: a wholesome meal with lots of essential nutrients, but no excess calories. Just mix 1 scoop with 250ml low-fat milk, yogurt or soy milk.

Take Shakeplus as a quick and easy breakfast or snack. As extra, protein-rich nutrition around your work-outs. Or as a healthy meal replacement for weight loss. Find out yourself and start with Shakeplus.

Natural basis of high-quality milk proteins, plant fibre and essential fatty acids. ingredients
Pure, natural taste and free of artifical colors, flavours or sweeteners. compare brands
Free coach helps you with tips and motivation. You're much more likely to succeed as a team!
Supports energy levels and immune system thanks to 23 healthy vitamins and minerals *
Affordable. Shakeplus starts at 1.50. A can of soda pop at the petrol station is more expensive.
Easy. Takes just 30 seconds to prepare. Comes with handy shaker cup and measuring spoon.

Why Shakeplus?

Shakeplus is the first all-natural meal replacement shake. No artificial additives, low in sugar and with free coaching Compare to other brands.

Shakeplus is quick, easy and gives you lots of essential nutrients. So you can rest assured your body gets everything it needs.


Shakeplus provides free coaching and a 30 day money-back guarantee. Free shipping and delivery within 2 working days!

A passion for helping people with health and healthy nutrition is what drives us. Check out the Shakeplus story.

How and when to use?

Easy meal

Take Shakeplus whenever it suits you. Breakfast, lunch or as a healthy snack in between. more

Active lifestyle

For extra energy and quicker recovery, take Shakeplus 30-40 minutes before your work-out and/or directly after. more

Lose weight

Replace 2 meals a day by Shakeplus, eg. breakfast and lunch. Your body will switch to burning fat. Your 3rd meal is a regular, healthy dinner. If needed, you can have 1-2 healthy snacks such as salad or soup more.

Free shipping, delivery in 2 working days!

Free with your first tub of Shakeplus: shaker cup, recipes and samples of all flavours!
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Delivery in 2 working days.
Free goodies with your first order.
Ervaringen Shakeplus
Weight loss

"Losing weight went well with Shakeplus. The program is easy to follow and I'm back at a healthy weight." —Koen

Ervaringen Shakeplus

"We use Shakeplus on the job, as an easy and healthy snack. Gives solid energy and lots of nutrients in one go." —Jorn & Patricia

Ervaringen Shakeplus

"After training we take Shakeplus for faster recovery and less muscle soreness. And atthe office for more energy!" —Lisette & Dominique

Ervaringen Shakeplus
Weight loss

"With Shakeplus I'm getting closer and closer to my ideal weight. After my shake I really feel like I had a complete meal." —Letta

Ervaringen Shakeplus

"A quick and tasty start of the day! When we have Shakeplus for breakfast, we don't crave sugary stuff and our bowel movements have improved." —Atte & Marijke

Ervaringen Shakeplus

"When I train I take Shakeplus for extra power. I also notice less muscle soreness. Tastes like a milkshake!" —Geert

Ervaringen Shakeplus
Weight loss

"Feel much better and have a flat tummy. At first, I needed to get used to it." —Corine

Ervaringen Shakeplus

"I'm breastfeeding and can use the the extra vitamins, minerals and protein very well. Use it as an afternoon snack or for on the go." —Debbie

Ervaringen Shakeplus

"Works really well for energy. Can cycle 50km at a high pace on one shake. In 6 months I was fit enough for an entire triathlon." —Frans

Ervaringen Shakeplus
Weight loss

"My belts are getting shorter and shorter. Taste is good and I have a good, satisfied feeling." —Hans

Ervaringen Shakeplus

"I don't always have time for a good breakfast. But I do like to eat healthy. Shakeplus fill me up well and have a pleasant flavour." —Anneke

Ervaringen Shakeplus

"After half a marathon I had virtually no muscle soreness and I recovered quickly. I feel more energy after my intense training sessions." —Jolanda


"After years of problems with my digestion I now finally have a regular stool. I was skeptic but I feel better and more energized." —Bianca more

Disclaimer: results can vary from person to person.

97% recommends Shakeplus!

What's in Shakeplus?

Click here for ingredients, calories and nutritional info.

Is Shakeplus tested?

Yes, all ingredients are tested and comply with the requirements in EU guidelines 396/2005, 1333/2008, 2073/2005 en 1881/2006. Shakeplus is made in Holland with local and imported ingredients. The Dutch factory where Shakeplus is produced complies with the most strict food safety regulations (ISO 22000 en HACCP).

Pregnancy and breastfeeding

Many doctors and hospitals recommend extra nutrents for pregnant and breastfeeding mothers.

Shakeplus is food: a combination of regular ingredients that can be found in every day food. Think of vitamines, minerals, protein and fibre. If you can eat food from the supermarket, you can eat Shakeplus.

If you're pregnant or breastfeeding we recommend to talk to your specialist. You can show the product label and ask about the ingredients.

Shipping and delivery

You'll receive your order within 2 working days and shipping is free - no hidden fees. If you order in the weekend, Monday will count as the first working day.

You'll receive a track & trace-number by email after you've ordered. This allows you to check the status of your delivery.

Also for kids?

Shakeplus is a wholsome meal voor people 12 years and above. It's a complete meal with lots of essential nutrients.

The weight loss program is suitable for people 18 years and above. Kids between the age of 12 and 18 take no more than one shake a day, as part of a healthy diet - as breakfast, snack of around work-outs.

Shakeplus doesn't contain any ingredients not suitable for kids. However, the dose of vitamines and minerals is designed for an adult body. Hence the advice to kids between 12 and 18 to take no more than one shake a day.

How does free coaching work?

We help you achieve your health goals through personal coaching, information and inspiration. This is a free service for Shakeplus customers.

To start with free coaching you can fill out this intake form. You'll be appointed an experienced coach. You'll stay in touch through Whatsapp to keep track of your results. Your coach is also available to answer any questions you may have.

Does it really work?

Yes, you can read the success stories. Over 96% of our customers is happy and recommends Shakeplus: read 250+ customer reviews

The effects of protein, fibre, vitamins and minerals have been know for a long time. Shakeplus is not a hype or fad, it's a combination of well-known nutrients of which the scientific evidence has been studied for decades.

Do you want to use Shakeplus to help you lose weight? It's been proven that meal replacement shakes are effective and safe, also long term. Source 1, Source 2

The Shakeplus story

Shakeplus founders Good day, we are Bart (left) and Robert-Jan (right) and have been using shakes for a long time. But we were not satisfied with existing brands: artificial additives, too much sugar, aweful taste, bad service, etc.

That's why we developed our own brand Shakeplus back in 2013. Our passion and knowledge come together in this Dutch no-nonense product: lots of essential nutrients in a quick and easy meal for a fair price. And with free coaching for our customers, because you'll always do better as a team.

You can read the rest of our story here. Or send us and email at or We're looking forward to hearing from you ;)

How do I prepare a shake?

Mix 1 scoop Shakeplus with 250ml milk, yoghurt or soy milk. Shake well for 15 seconds in a shaker cup or blender. Enjoy ;)


You recommend you consult your specialist or pharmacist if you're using any presrciption drugs and/or have any illnesses. He or she can look at the product label and decide whether you can use Shakeplus.

De oprichters van Shakeplus

The Shakeplus story

Hi, we're Bart (left) and Robert-Jan (right) and we're long-term users of healthy protein shakes. We were disappointed with existing products: lots of artificial additives, too much sugar, not tasty, poor service, etc.

Many things could be improved and that why we created our own brand in late 2013: Shakeplus. Our passion, knowledge and experience come together in a Dutch no-nonsense product that gives you lots of important nutrients for a fair price. It had to come with free coaching by professionals, because achieving succes is easier and more fun than being on your own.


99% of people consider "being healthy" the most precious thing in life.


Eating healthy, 250 grams of vegetables, two pieces of fruit - do you manage to do that every single day? You don't always feel like doing the groceries, the cooking, the clean up. So how do you make sure you get all the nutrients you need on a daily basis? Lots of people have busy lives too, who can't do with a bit more energy?


A healthy meal replacement shake as part of your daily diet. One easy meal providing a long list of important nutrients. That way you can be sure your body gets all the nutrients it needs. For health, energy and well being.

Our mission

To help people in the area of health and well being through a fair-priced quality product, combined with personal service and coaching by professionals.

In 2013 we joined forces and converted our frustration and disappointment into a solution: an all natural meal replacement shake with lots of valuable nutrients, 100% natural, tasty and affordable. And it needed to provide that satiated feeling. No hype and all evidence-based ingredients. A team of nutrition experts was formed and after 12 test rounds Shakeplus was born.

Bart Lansbergen (1984)

"I've been active in the field of health, nutrtion, sports and wellness for the last 15 years. After my education in sports and gathering experience as a personal trainer, my international carreer as a professional speaker took off. I travelled the world and educated people about health, weight management, detoxing and similar topics.
After over 580 seminars and 55.000 attendees I returned to The Netherlands. I want to share my knowledge and passion with the people around me and our customers. I love to inform and inspire people to create a happy, healthy life. I help our Shakeplus customers with personal coaching to achieve their goals. Besides that, I still present a seminar called "5 steps to optimum health and wellness".

Robert-Jan Lankhorst (1976)

"My career as an entrepreneur started almost 20 years ago. After my studies at the Open University I started a business in Internet and affiliate marketing. In 2003 I decided to join a multinational promoting health supplements and discovered a passion for nutrition and the scientific background. This knowledge I now use for product development. My expertise in the area of business, Internet and marketing is also highly usable.".

You can reach us at and; we'd love to hear from you!